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Riley Edwards

Wingate University

  I played for the Heat organization for two seasons, and I can say that it was by far some of the best times of my life. When I joined the team I didn't know many of the players, but because of the great atmosphere in the organization and the amazing coaching staff it was the easiest transition I've ever made. I even made some lifelong friendships with some of my teammates. The coaching staff at the Heat are some of the best instructors around and they know everything there is to know about the game of baseball. The coaches put all their efforts into making each and every player the best player and person they can be. In addition, they work extremely hard to get their players in front of college scouts every chance that presents itself. Their hard work helped me and many others get recruited to play at the next level.  I will be eternally grateful to the Heat for all they've done for me.  "Fuego!"
-Riley Edwards 

Kameron Reynolds

Mars Hill University

The Heat Organization pushed me each season to grow as an athlete, competitor and individual. They gave me an opportunity to be showcased in front of multiple college scouts, and they provided a facility to improve my skills everyday. To be a part of an organization, who has a set of various coaches that devote countless hours of their time to ensure all their players reach, and even exceed their full potential is what is most noteworthy about The Heat Organization. I can never recall a dull moment with the group of guys I played with in two seasons. We grew together as a team and even became practically family by the end of our time together. I will never forget my time with The Heat Organization, not only did I learn valuable skills and knowledge for the game I also became more developed as an athlete. But, most of all, they increased my love for the great game of baseball.

Jeremy Null

Western Carolina University/Chicago Cubs


-Jeremy Null 

Brett Goble

Mars Hill University


-Brett Goble 

Kyler Fairchild

Pfeiffer University

It was such a privilege to get to play for the Heat organization for 3 years. Heat Baseball was a huge part of getting me to the next level. My coaches, Dustin and Brian, was 2 of the greatest coaches I could have ever asked for. They dedicated so much time to their players and sacrificed so much for us. They want nothing but the best for their players and we're always trying their hardest to get us in front of scouts and to get us a scholarship to play at the next level. They are much more than coaches to me, they are family. I have played with a lot of guys over my 3 years for Heat Baseball and every year I grew really close with my teammates. It’s like a brotherhood. We all grew so close and it was so fun getting to play with my teammates every weekend and for the Heat organization. I am truly grateful for everything they have done for me. It’s such an honor to be a Heat Alumni. I have made countless memories and lifelong friends playing for the Heat and my time playing for them was unforgettable. I am so thankful to have been a part of this amazing organization.

Nolan Hauser

St. Andrews University

I was first introduced to the Heat organization through a tryout I set up with Dustin in the summer of 2015. From then on, my baseball career took off. Not only did I benefit from the exposure to the whole recruiting part of it, I also created friendships that will last a lifetime. Dustin Harrington has been a man that not only helped my baseball career take off, but also has been a great friend and mentor for me. Brian Lackey, who was also my coach for the Heat has helped me tremendously and is one of the main reasons where I am today. I would also like to thank Coach Denny. He was a great coach to me and made it fun for everyone. Getting to play against talented and competitive players every weekend really showed me what it takes to be a successful baseball player. The Heat organization is a great organization that I will always be apart of and has helped me take the next step in my baseball career.

-Nolan Hauser 

Chandler Jenkins

East Carolina University

Being apart of the Heat family has been one of the best experiences of my life. They have helped me grow as a Christian, a person, and as a baseball player. I can't thank Dustin enough for all of the work he put in, in making me a better hitter. He has played a big part in making me the player that I am today. The Heat organization is a top notch Christian based organization that I am so proud to be apart of.

Brian Litwin

Duke University

Heat baseball provided a lot of different avenues for me. Allowed me to have great coaching that helped me mature as a player. Gave me great exposure playing at great venues. Also surrounded me with a great group of guys to play with summer and fall. Playing with the Heat was an overall great experience and excited to watch it grow.

-Brian Litwin

Dakota Slate

William Peace University

Heat baseball is a very professional organization. The staff have professional experience and have hundreds of connections to college coaches. The facility is top class and the staff is always in there to help you with whatever you need. Whenever I needed help with my recruiting process the staff at Heat Baseball were always there to help me. Whether it be contact information or just a good word sent to the coaches, Heat Baseball always provides that to me.  Heat Baseball is one of the best and most professional organizations in the state of North Carolina. I would definitely recommend Heat Baseball.

-Dakota Slate 

Bryson Bailey

Mars Hill University

I first heard about the Heat organization from a former coach of mine. I was able to get a tryout with the Heat and that's when everything started falling into place. From this I gained friends and even more important, a family. Dustin and Brian have exceeded the title of "coach" by far. They helped me get more college looks in one summer and fall than anyone else has before, but more than that, they are there for me whenever I need them. It doesn't matter what time of day it was. The Heat is more than your average baseball organization. It's a family that will have your back regardless of the circumstances. I love playing baseball, but I love being around people who want to succeed as much as I do. For these reasons, and for many more, I will always be proud to say I'm a Heat alumni.

-Bryson Bailey 

Grayson Chapman

UNC Greensboro University

  Playing with the Heat changed my life and made my dreams of playing collegiate baseball a reality. Dustin Harrington always told me everything I needed to do to get better, things I have improved on and things I excelled at. He put me in front of scouts and coaches that he felt were the best fit for me. The Heat organization lead me all the way through my recruiting process. He worked to make me and the rest of my team better, along with helping his multiple other younger teams and other lessons. Dustin always made time to talk if I had something on my mind and always put the players first. Not only has the organization helped me on the field, but it has also helped me off the field. The coaches at Heat Baseball taught me how to have respect for teammates, coaches and competitors, but most importantly they taught me to respect the game of baseball. Dustin Harrington, Brian Lackey, Jon Gray, Pete Hardee, coaching staff and many other faculty staff had a hand in making me who I am today. The Heat  facility is astonishing and is a great place to get work in. It's a great place to work and strive to get better with people who share the same love of the game of baseball. The 3 years I played with the Heat were all well worth the money, the time, the effort and the grind. Being a part of the Heat organization was a huge privilege and a great experience.
- Grayson Chapman 

Tyler Barnette

UNC Charlotte University/White Sox

Heat Baseball was one of the best teams that I have ever played for, for multiple reasons. The guys that you get to play with are incredible. The Heat not only makes you work hard on the field but really focuses on accountability off the field. When I played for the Heat, I grew more as an individual and matured. It really made me grow knowing that putting in the hard work will not only make you better, but will also make the players around you better. The Heat has a winning mentality.  Every time we stepped on the field we expected to win knowing that you and your teammates were prepared the right way. The staff that the Heat has is great. It has a family vibe and it has great teachers. It really helped me knowing that the coaches and the instructors had a background in baseball and put in time for each individual player. They really cared about how we progressed and improved as a player and as an individual off the field. Playing with the Heat was one of the best decisions I had made in my baseball career.  -

-Tyler Barnette

Riley Smith

UNC Asheville/CVCC

I really enjoyed playing and being part of the Heat organization family.  The Heat coaches had a great background in baseball and continued to teach what they knew while I was playing.  I would recommend everyone to play with the Heat organization, as they would get looks from colleges, become better baseball players and better people.

-Riley Smith

Josh McLain

North Carolina State University 

Heat Baseball was a huge help in getting me to the next level.  Heat Baseball always put us in the top tournaments against the top talent which brought scouts in to watch us play.  At times, you could see 10+ scouts sitting in the stands watching our game.  The manager of the Heat was always open to my request to contact the colleges of my choice and to have their scout watch me play.  I had asked him to contact the scout from NC State University and offer him a schedule of our games while we were playing in Atlanta.  The scout came to our game the very next day.  If you want to get a lot of looks in front scouts, you need to play in the East Cobb, Ga. Tournament.  That is where I received several looks from college and MLB scouts.  Heat Baseball entered us in that tournament every year and I highly recommend you attend this tournament.  The atmosphere of the team is great!  Going to tournaments and staying in hotels as a team is fun too.  On the field, there is a perfect mixture of seriousness and fun.  You aren't so worried about making mistakes and errors.  This past summer, after my junior year, was a huge time for me.  My name was out there and several MLB teams began to send me letters.  I was able to attend 9 MLB workouts and Heat Baseball is what gave me this opportunity.  Overall, if you want exposure and a great team to take you to the next level, then Heat Baseball is the place for you.  Yes, I worked very hard, made several sacrifices, took it serious and Heat Baseball helped get my name out there for scouts to find me.  If you work hard, Heat Baseball will help get you to the next level, plus you get the exposure you need.

-Josh McLain

Derek Boliek

Richmond University

Having the opportunity to play showcase baseball for the Heat played a major role in my success in becoming a Division 1 athlete.  Not only did I gain critical fundamental skills, but I also enhanced my knowledge for the game of baseball.  With these tools, I was able to gain valuable exposure to many colleges.  Without being afforded the opportunity to play for the Heat, I may never have earned the chance to pursue my dream of playing collegiate baseball.

-Derek Boliek 

Alex Embler

Pfeiffer University/CVCC

Playing for the Heat was essential for my baseball career.  The coaches and staff gave me the opportunity to improve as a pitcher.  This gave me the chance to play in front of many scouts and receive a scholarship.  I will always be grateful that I could be part of such a great program!

-Alex Embler

Jackson Raper

Catawba College

Playing with the Heat is an experience I'll never forget.  I came onto the team about mid-season and immediately felt at home.  The coaches genuinely cared about me and wanted to see me succeed, it was a true team atmosphere and one I cherish.  The Heat put me in front of numerous college coaches and scouts which helped me get a college scholarship.  I am extremely thankful to the coaches and the Heat organization for such a great experience.

-Jackson Raper Catawba College

Jason McEachern

Tampa Bay Rays

Playing for the Heat throughout the years has taught me many things about becoming a better baseball player and an overall better person.  The tight-knit group that the Heat is, not only helped mold me into an elite athlete, it also helped with my walk with Christ and I become a better teammate.  I have lifelong relationships that were built on the baseball diamond with the Heat that still thrive today.  The Heat Showcase team helped put me out there and get my name out to colleges and eventually the Pro Scouts.  Without the guidance of my coaches and family I would've never been seen and had the opportunity to play at the next level.  I am grateful for everything that baseball has given me throughout the years and especially to the Heat family.

-Jason McEachern

Jared Mathewson

Mars Hill University

The Heat organization was a great experience for me.  It helped give me the opportunity to play college baseball, which I am grateful for.  The coaching staff took the time to know me as a person and as a player.  They worked tirelessly to give me the best opportunity to succeed and find a place to play at the next level.  I am thankful for everything they did for me and I will always call the Heat organization home.

-Jared Mathewson

Dustin Harrington

East Carolina University/Chicago Cubs

Growing up, I had one major dream and that was to play baseball.  Playing for the Heat aided in making that dream a reality.  It not only provided me with the platform to showcase the baseball skills that God blessed me with, but also taught me life skills to help me grow as an individual.  The Heat helped me develop and perfect my skills into the college and professional standards.  I am grateful for this organization and the impact that it had on my life.  Through the Heat Showcase organization, I made lasting friendships, lifelong memories, learned how to be a teammate, a leader and through baseball I met my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  The Heat will not only take you to the “Next Level” in baseball, but in life in general.

-Dustin Harrington

Jared Marion

Brevard College

For me, playing for the Heat was what finally brought my game to the next level. I always knew I had the skill set to play at the next level, but Heat Baseball was what made it a reality.  They allowed me to showcase my skills against top-notch competition with plenty of scouts in attendance.

-Jared Marion

Robert Whaley

CVCC/Appalachian State University

Playing for the Heat allowed me to compete at the highest level alongside great players that pushed me day in and day out.  Without the help of the coaches, I wouldn't have reached the next level!

-Robert Whaley

Alex Whisnant

Brevard College

The Heat organization has helped me fulfill my ultimate goal of playing college baseball.  The coaches don't just coach, they create a personal relationship with every player.   My close connection to my coach helped me communicate what my aspirations were, to continue my baseball career.  The coach emailed and called any coach that I asked him to.  He would then tell me what he had said to the coach and what the coaches replied.  There is no organization that helps kids one on one like the Heat.  The Heat helped me develop into the baseball player and individual that I am today.

-Alex Whisnant

Luke Watts

Appalachian State University

If it wasn't for the Heat I would not have gotten the exposure I needed to be able to play at Appalachian State.  I can't thank the coaches and program enough for coaching me and for giving me the chance to live out my dream of playing Division 1 Baseball.

-Luke Watts

Grayson Atwood

UNC/ Appalachian State University

Playing for the Heat gave me the opportunity to be surrounded by top talent and pushed me to become the best player I could be.  This allowed me to pursue my dream of playing college baseball at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  I will forever be grateful for my time spent in the program.

-Grayson Atwood

Mason Stikeleather

Montreat College

During my two years playing for the Heat Showcase organization, there were so many benefits of playing for the team.  One thing that comes first in mind is seeing all the talent I played against during the years.  The fact that there was players way more athletic and better at baseball than I was, made me realize that I am behind in my work ethic and that I must get better in all areas to compete with the opponents.  The Heat coaches helped me accomplish the goals I set in my mind and helped me get to where I am at now.  Another benefit that I believe was most important would be getting to know other athletes and becoming not only friends, but family.  During the years that I played with the team, I became a lot closer to my Heat family.  Things like going out to eat after games, staying in hotels during weekend games and playing in East Cobb for the week, helped me get along.   In stating that, the Heat Baseball organization helped me fall in love with the game even more and helped me realize what I wanted to do for the next step in life.  Concluding, playing for the Heat organization was one of the best experiences in my life.  I would do anything to go back to the weekends with the guys and the coaches and play a weekend series just one more time.  I just want to thank all the coaches for all the hard work and time they have put into the organization.  I know that good things are coming from the organization.

-Mason Stikeleather

Trystan Jones

Brevard College

It's never been an option for me to not play college baseball and the Heat Baseball organization helped me get there.  Playing for the Heat was some of the most fun I've ever had on a ball field and I feel that I made a big leap in my game while playing for them.  The coaches are very knowledgeable about the game and have a lot of faith in their players.  They don't just show up and coach though.  They build a personal relationship with everyone on the team, just like you will find at most colleges.  Even after being out of the Heat Baseball organization, I still feel like part of the family.  I can call my coaches whenever I need or want to and they are there for me.   The Heat helped me get to the next level in baseball by both contacting coaches and improving my game.  They helped me become not only a better player, but a better person.  I will forever be grateful to them for believing in me.

-Trystan Jones

Brennen James

UNC Greensboro

I played for Heat Showcase Baseball from 2009-2010.  The Heat Baseball was a major asset to me in getting a scholarship to play baseball at a 4-year college.  Heat Baseball gave me the opportunity to continue to play baseball after high school, this was due to the coaches that helped me and the work I put in during showcase baseball.  It made me appreciate the game that I loved.  Heat Baseball is mainly only for future college and professional players which was very special that I had the privilege to get to play on such a great organization.  It taught me the grind.   College coaches would harp on that everyday how a regular baseball season is a complete grind every day.  The Heat amped my game up to the next level. In me saying this, I appreciate everything the Heat did for me and the people I met during baseball on the way.

-Brennen James

Tyler Poole

Coastal Carolina University

I loved playing for the Heat Baseball because I made some of the best of friends in baseball while playing for them.  I also learned a lot from the coaches and got a good amount of exposure.  I also competed against some of the best players around, so it really gave me the opportunity to grow as a baseball player.

-Tyler Poole

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