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We want our athletes to have all of the necessary tools to succeed. We want to elevate our training from other facilities in western North Carolina. The VAULT allows us to accomplish this through data analysis tools. Athletes will get automatic feedback during their lessons – something that will drive them to pursue perfection.

One on one hitting or pitching lessons that are powered by Rapsodo. The VAULT is equipped with new TVs, 55x19x12 cage, mound, and some sick artwork to make athletes get excited about working on their craft.

What is                               


Rapsodo is a radar-triggered camera system pitch-tracking tool that captures real-time ball-flight data, allowing pitchers to get an accurate understanding of exactly what their pitches are doing during flight to make immediate optimizations and improvements in their pitch delivery. Rapsodo brings powerful insights into every pitch, by helping players and coaches improve their performance through real data. This allows for now-standard pitch measurements like velocity and spin rate, but, because the data is captured visually, Rapsodo units can also measure spin axis, true spin and spin efficiency. Rapsodo gives aspiring athletes of all ages and skill levels amazing tools and data to help improve their game.


rapsodo Gives powerful insight into every hit with the latest Rapsodo hitting solution and iPad application that combines to deliver professional - grade analysis - Track instant data on each single ball’s flight. Capture every angle, measure Exit & Pitch velocity, spin & tilt axis . Visualize the strike zone, 3D trajectories and more.


Rapsodo measures the impact of spin on every ball and shows the actual flight of a pitched baseball, calculating the corresponding trajectory of the same pitch without spin.

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